We use holistic nutrition, lifestyle shifts, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to address the body as a whole; physically, mentally, and emotionally. We offer our clients 10% off pharmaceutical grade supplements, use cutting edge diagnostic programs, and put together a wellness plan that is tailored to your unique needs and biochemistry.


Our comprehensive, proven program is designed to empower and enable you to take back control of your health and well-being. Our clients experience improved digestion, better sleep, increased energy, and freedom from brain fog so they can be their most vibrant, resilient selves.     Are you ready to start your journey to healthy well being?


Natural supplements are a vital part of the supportive process. At Abundant Life we work with Fullscript to bring you the best selection of pharmaceutical grade supplements at a discount. Click on this link to access FullScript.


The Energetic Healing Institute is the online school where Jayne became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Their attentive staff, fun but rigorous curriculum and flexible learning schedule make it the perfect way to become a healer. Check out their website. They are approved by the NANP to offer Holistic Nutrition classes so that students can apply for Board Certification!



Born in the UK, Jayne moved to the US in 1995. After a series of serious illnesses and a lot of prayer, it became clear that she needed to make drastic lifestyle changes. Her thirst for knowledge and desire to help others took her to EHI where she graduated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She received her Board Certification through the NANP in 2017. You can read her story here.


After over a decade of battling for her health, Kelly successfully put her 6 autoimmune diseases into remission through diet and lifestyle shifts.  Discovering her true passion and calling, Kelly left her career of 17 years as an IT Engineer to enroll in the Energetic Health Institute.  She graduated from EHI as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist with an area of focus of Autoimmune Disease.  Kelly is passionate about showing people that they don’t need to settle for how they feel and that they can thrive instead of just survive.  She is driven by both a thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for sharing Holistic Nutrition with others and helping them achieve their best health.  Kelly is currently pursuing her Board Certification through NANP.

Restore Health.

We provide you with the necessary tools to restore your health so you can make the most of every moment while investing in your future self.

Reduce Stress.

Stress wreaks havoc on your body and your brain. Learn how to manage stress so that you can travel through life with confidence and peace of mind.

Rediscover Joy.

Joy is possible regardless of what’s happening around you. It is possible to rediscover and practice a joy-filled life. We can show you how.


“I was 69 years old and I decided I needed to get a check-up. Some of my blood test results were alarming. I immediately consulted with Jayne Reynolds who helped me make some minor dietary changes and recommended some supplements. Six months later my doctor confirmed that my test results were back in the normal range. When I first learned that my test results were bad, I was afraid that there was going to be cancer. Now my mind is at peace. It is never too late to start taking care of yourself.”



“I just finished the process of nutritional testing, our conversations and Jayne’s subsequent recommendations. She put serious research into some health and unusual lifestyle issues I deal with and, I believe, came up with some excellent conclusions and recommendations. I have no question that she really focused on me as an individual and put in whatever time was necessary to arrive at her final recommendations. Because I live on the road many of the typical approaches to nutritional eating are just not feasible. The way she worked with me to make it possible…this is where she really showed her dedication to her work and clients. So refreshing. I feel like I now have a very thorough game plan that will maximize my health. Thank you, Jayne. You’re a treasure.”

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