Leslie AndScott Bedard reviewed Abundant Life Nutrition and Wellness Center — 5 star

Jayne was instrumental in my healing, nutritionally, physically and emotionally. Her thorough assessment, in-depth knowledge and intuitive personality impressed me from the beginning. When Jayne presented her recommendations and created my personal protocols, I believed in her judgement, but was nervous that I could really make the changes I needed to. She was so encouraging and broke it down into easy steps. I am forever grateful for Jayne’s guidance and expertise! I am now healthy and have the nutritional knowledge to stay that way – thanks to Jayne and Abundant Life!

Leslie B.

I knew I needed to make some changes when we first started meeting but I also had a lot of baggage that I wasn’t ready to let go of which held me back for a while.  When I began changing the small things one step at a time I started to see things differently and listen to how my body was feeling. I would avoid looking in mirrors and one day I caught a peripheral glimpse and I asked myself “Why?” And that’s when I decided that if I kept saying “tomorrow I will change how I eat”, it would never come.  

I have had a lot of harsh things happen in my life and I was dealing with a large obstacle when we started so it kept me stuck because the only thing I could control was eating and I was overdoing it.  I removed one toxic element, thought, and memory at a time until I felt acceptance.  Breathing exercises brought on a lot of the relief and freedom from those feelings. 

I’ve overcome the comfort that I got from eating all the wrong things.  I’ve overcome chronic migraines and high blood pressure. I no longer need to take pain killers daily which is absolutely amazing to me and it only took a of couple changes.  

I feel alive.  I have more energy than I have ever had.  I run and play with my kids now when before it would have just broken me down.  I have a sense of pride.  I know what I’ve changed is working and it fuels my body the way it should.  Food no longer has a grip on my life. It was what I lived for. Life revolved around it and now mealtimes are just used for nourishment and fuel to do so much more.   

I loved the support. I love being able to turn to someone and confide in someone about struggles that are happening.  You can’t face this type of journey alone because without that foundation it’s just not possible.  I cannot thank you enough for everything. You’re an amazing, wonderful and brilliant person that I am so grateful to have in my life.  

Mary F.

“I was in my 70s when I made the biggest and best change of my physical life.  I changed the way I ate.  With help from Jayne, I changed to organics and grass-fed meats, and, on my own, picked out an eating plan because I didn’t want to take oral medications for diabetes anymore.  I wanted to handle it by diet.  I knew it would mean giving up a lot of goodies, but I was ready.  I also got off 7 prescription medicines I no longer needed, but which every doctor had just ADDED TO over the course of 10 years.  I did it safely and prudently and immediately felt better and stronger and happier.  With Jayne’s help and guidance, I researched ways to address physical problems with what I ate.  I wasn’t going to settle for living out my life on pills and shots and feeling like garbage.  I wanted more from my life than that.  It has been the best decision I ever made for myself…to demand more of myself by making a conscious effort to eat cleanly and to make sure that whatever time I have left in this world, is spent loving others and spreading more smiles than frowns.”


Dianne D.

“I was 69 years old and I decided I needed to get a check-up. I had a blood test which revealed a prostate PSA score of over 11. A score of 4 is considered a high normal. I immediately consulted with Jayne Reynolds and she put me on a supplement and helped me make some minor dietary changes. Six months later and my PSA was just barely over 3. When I first learned my PSA was 11 I was sure that there was going to be cancer. Now my mind is at peace. It is never too late to start taking care of yourself.”


Mike R.

“Jayne, my Nutritionist, has helped me change my life. For the last 11 years I have struggled get my blood sugar down and keep it there. She advised me to add some supplements and a food program I can live by. The results in just three weeks have been amazing!  My blood sugar is in a normal range, even upon waking and fasting. So many health issues have improved already. I have so much more energy; my eyesight even improved! Jayne is so knowledgeable and is dedicated to help me, her client, live a much healthier life.”

Darla V.