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Topics Include:

Be Well. Lead Well.
Allergy or Intolerance – What’s the Difference?
Hungry for Hydration
Protein – Life’s Little Building Blocks
Carbohydrates – Fuel for Life
Food For Thought – Foods That Support Brain Health
Sugar, Sugar, Ah Honey, Honey
Foods That Fight The Flu
Fantastic Fiber

Deciphering Labels
Fighting Fatigue
Heart to Heart
Let’s Talk Lipids
Nutritious New You!
Osteoporosis – Getting Down To The Bare Bones
Parkinson’s Pabulum
Skin Smart


“I was 69 years old and I decided I needed to get a check-up. Some of my blood test results were alarming. I immediately consulted with Jayne Reynolds who helped me make some minor dietary changes and recommended some supplements. Six months later my doctor confirmed that my test results were back in the normal range. When I first learned that my test results were bad, I was afraid that there was going to be cancer. Now my mind is at peace. It is never too late to start taking care of yourself.”



“I just finished the process of nutritional testing, our conversations and Jayne’s subsequent recommendations. She put serious research into some health and unusual lifestyle issues I deal with and, I believe, came up with some excellent conclusions and recommendations. I have no question that she really focused on me as an individual and put in whatever time was necessary to arrive at her final recommendations. Because I live on the road many of the typical approaches to nutritional eating are just not feasible. The way she worked with me to make it possible…this is where she really showed her dedication to her work and clients. So refreshing. I feel like I now have a very thorough game plan that will maximize my health. Thank you, Jayne. You’re a treasure.”


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