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I’ll come to you and bring a topic that interests you!  I’ve spent the last three years teaching in corporate settings, at the Leading Age Az Conference, on T.V., and to seniors. With a variety of lifestyle and nutrition topics to choose from, why not gather your friends and colleagues, and invest in your abundant well-being today?

Topics Include:

Be Well. Lead Well.

Allergy or Intolerance – What’s the Difference?

Hungry for Hydration

Protein – Life’s Little Building Blocks

Carbohydrates – Fuel for Life

Food For Thought – Foods That Support Brain Health

Sugar, Sugar, Ah Honey, Honey

Foods That Fight The Flu

Fantastic Fiber

Deciphering Labels

Fighting Fatigue

Heart to Heart

Let’s Talk Lipids

Nutritious New You!

Osteoporosis – Getting Down To The Bare Bones

Parkinson’s Pabulum

Skin Smart

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and find out how we can craft a class for you!