We Can Be Heroes …

"I want to be the hero of my own story and not the victim. I wrote it in my journal so that I would remember to make the right choice every day." She looked at me sideways.  Each crease on her face depicted years of physical and emotional trauma; her body a...

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Dairy-Free? What’s A Chick To Do At Easter?

Dairy-Free? What’s A Chick To Do At Easter?

The concept of dairy-free chocolate was an abomination. My love affair with milk chocolate began as a child and I blame my addiction on my upbringing. Bournville Park Stream by Elliott Brown (Flickr) I was raised in the tiny town of Bournville. Home to 25,000 people,...

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Really?! You Think Coconut’s The Problem?

Really?! You Think Coconut’s The Problem?

With 175.3 thousand shares this report So Coconut Oil Is Actually Really, Really Bad For You, is rapidly making the rounds on the internet. I’ve had several of you ask me what I think about it. We do, in general, recommend that coconut is a healthy source of nutrients...

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